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Maintaining close relations with experts all over the world, Centuria Capital Luxembourg is a trustworthy partner for the creation and management of Luxembourg structures, located at the center of Europe and the heart of Luxembourg’s financial center.


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The "Fondation Patrimoniale"

Luxembourg’s new estate planning vehicle - Parliamentary Bill of 9 July 2013 I. Introduction For years Luxembourg has been developing its range of investment (...)

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Capital Duty

Préambule : L’Union Européenne s’est dotée d’une nouvelle directive 2008/7/CE entrée en vigueur le 12 mars 2008 et portant sur les impôts indirects frappant les rassemblements (...)

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The new tax measures for Luxembourg Companies in 2013

Budget tax package 2013 approved I. Introduction These new tax measures are the result of the approval of the Luxembourg budget tax package (...)

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Specialised Investment Funds (SIFS) : The implementation of the law of march 26th, 2012

The Law of 13 February 2007, duly (...)

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Centuria and Islamic Finance

In recent years, Luxembourg has demonstrated a growing ambition to play a key role at the heart of contemporary Islamic finance and to position itself as a major center for (...)

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Renegotiation of the fiscal agreement France-Luxembourg

Renégociation de la convention de non-double imposition entre la France et le Luxembourg. La France entend renégocier la convention de non double imposition avec le (...)

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Private Wealth Management Company (SPF)

I. Introduction : The Law of 11 May 2007 responded to the abolition of the regime for 1929 Holding Companies by creating a new vehicle for managing the private assets of (...)

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Le Family Office luxembourgeois – futur PSF spécialisé

Depuis de nombreuses années, le Luxembourg est l’un des moteurs de la scène internationale en matière de règlementation, de régulation et de compliance pour l’ensemble des activités (...)

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Intellectual Property (IP) in Luxembourg

This regime, applicable to income from intellectual property ("IP") rights entered into force on 1 January 2008. I) Scope of application of the regime (IP): (...)

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Practical Aspect of Luxembourg Companies

S.A.: EUR 31.000 (released at min. 25%)
Sarl: EUR 12.500 (released at 100%)
SICAR : EUR 1.000.000 (to reach within max 12 months)
FIS : EUR 1.250.000 (to reach within (...)

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Evolution of the Sicar legislative frame

Préambule: Suite à la loi du 15 juin 2004 relative à la SICAR, le Luxembourg s’est doté d’un véhicule d’investissement complémentaire aux organismes de placement collectif (...)

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Tax and Legal Structuring

Centuria Capital Luxembourg offers its institutional and private clients custom-made solutions and assists them in realizing their financial and tax engineering projects.
Analysis (...)

Tax and legal structuring

Set Up and Domiciliation

Centuria Capital Luxembourg provides its clients various solutions for the set up and domiciliation of their structure in Luxembourg.
Domiciliation Domiciliation by providing (...)

Set Up and Domiciliation

Company Incorporation and Management

A team of highly skilled professionals is serving our clients with respect to incorporation, management and daily follow up of numerous Luxembourg and international structures. (...)

Company Incorporation and Management

Accounting and Tax Services

Our teams’ experience and know-how allow us to provide high quality accounting and tax services.
The accounting services are : > Book keeping in LuxGAAP or IFRS.
> (...)

Accounting and Tax Services